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Album 1: " F u K o T a i "
太鼓風   recorded 2002
Album 2: " T a i K o D o "
太鼓道   recorded 2006
The formation of tornados is still not well understood. At the beginning a tornado is nearly invisible. Only when inside of the whirl caused by decreasing pressure steam condensates or dust, fragments, water and others are raised, the tornado becomes a spectacle.
A butterfly is tumbling above the grassland. It is not discernable is it straight forward intention or is it floating from blossom to blossom randomly. But there must be a plan, else it won't find its nectar.
No  Target
There are days, when getting up in the morning you don't know why. And so the day goes on. All things which happens are boring and you don't know, why or for what purpose you are doing this. You are eased, when such a day with no target comes to end.
Tokyo  Traffic
Tokyo, that is the capital of the capitals. To end live without having seen Tokyo is nearly to have been living in vain. There is now town anywhere, where live pulsates so intensive and dense. This can be seen especially by traffic. Two or three levels below the suburban trains clattering, up to two or three levels above cars moving on the highways and on the ground there is the place for local traffic and pedestrians. And woven in between over und under the ground there are some railway tracks. A not coordinated confusion performing one beat, the heartbeat of Tokyo Traffic.
Quattro  Set
Four toms, four different sounds, four pitches and a infinite number of possibilities.
The Japan islands are the upper area of very big mountains arising in the middle of the pacific ocean out of the water. Here the pacific and asian plate clash and arise out of the sea. This means regular moving and tectonic activities. Nearly each day somewhere in Japan there are light or heavy earthquakes: Jishin.
The march is the domain of the snare drum. A patchwork of famous patterns and styles for marching with.
Rainy  Day
It is summer and I celebrate my free day. Outside it is raining. No, no friendly shower but constant rain. Sometimes many drops, some times only a few but allways wet.
The Iguazù falls
Where the three countries Argentina, Brasilia und Paraquay join there borders, the bulk of water of the Iguazù river falls down 65yards in depth. Who once stand below the spray of thunderous masses of water, facing this big spectacle of nature, will find to its own meaningless.
Somebody starts running and all others follow him. If herd instinct takes place, rationality is left. What everybody is doing can't be wrong, even if it results in own ruin.
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