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Already as a child of 5 years the drum has been the most fascinating music instrument to me. With nine years old I became a member of the youth brass orchestra of my hometown as a drummer. And for my luck, I got a very qualified academic teacher. He introduced me from scratch in all disciplines of classical percussion instruments. Mainly the methods of playing the snare drum, but also all other kinds of drums and also the timpani. For this acute and qualified instructions I'm very grateful till today.

Beside of playing in the brass band I became also the drummer of the school string orchestra of my grammar school. My task was, to set an accent from time to time onto the endless sawing of the string players, to keep the audience awake. What I learned on that job was counting, counting and counting again to beat my drum on the right measure on the right note, may be about each 100 measures one beat. Waiting fort the given cue of the conductor (my music teacher) was not advisable, because this was not very reliable. But when the accent failed, the big grievance came immediately.

Sixteen years old I left the brass band and founded a band for beat music together with some friends. We played what was hip in the charts like Stones, Beatles and preferable the Creedence Clearwater Revival. But time of school came to end and also the time for beat music. In the mean time my ambition regarding music has been grown. I joined a band playing Jazz music, free stile and Rock Jazz. We overcame covering songs and played our own compositions. Playing the jazz drums I studied by myself taking a leaf out of so famous drummers like Gene Krupa or especially Joe Morello. Till today I can listen nearly each day to the unsurpassed drumming solos from Morello without being bored.

At that time I watched a Taiko performance (tai=big, ko=drum) on the TV, the first time for me. This gave me a very big impression for my further development. I understood, the musical challenge for a drummer is not knocking the measure for other musicians. I began treating the drums as a full fledged instrument by themselves. After our jazz band has broken, I began working on my drum kit as a soloist. A special input I got from the rhythm of the Japanese art of Taiko playing. My ambition was not to cover Taiko music, but to combine the elements of European classics (I have to show myselfe, I'm a hopeless fan of Beethoven) and brass music, but also American rhythm and blues and also jazz and of course the Taiko to create new compositions. And, if someone listens accurate to my compositions, he / she will be aware of a little bit of Krupa and Morello.

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