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A lot of years I had to play on a very simple low cost drumkit. But more was not feasable for the small budget of a hight shool and later university student. Later, when I got my own income and elementary necessities of life has been satisfied, I was able to realize my dream to buy a new drumkit. Now it had to be a high sophisticated professional one of course.

I found an able music shop. There were five drumkits of well known manufacturers completely mounted and ready for testplay. At that time the most established brands Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, Sonor and a little bit unfancied Ludwig.

First I took a look at the hardware. Most impressing solutions I found with the drumkits of the japanese brands Pearl and Yamaha. Very solid well engineered mounting systems, easy to mount and to adjust, nearly without any special tools. High sophisticated complex mechanics for the pedals of hihat and base drum. Nearly the opposit the hardware of the Ludwig. A old fashioned laborious mounting system. Very simple but solidly built technology. Without special tools neither mountable nor adjustable. Simple, but since a long time well aproved, pedal mechanics.

Well, a drumkit is not a machinery but a music instrument. So in the next step I looked to the sounding parts and the resulting sound. Now the Ludwig gave a very good impression against the competitors. The body of the drums was thicker and composed of more layers than the others. And this was not only optical a difference. When I played on the drumkits, the Ludwig drums sounded more heavy and with more volume. Of course, this sound resulted also from the well known and famous Ludwig drum heads. The other brands also sounded not so bad, but the Ludwig was the decision making little bit better. It was love on the first glance. Immidiately the old fashioned hardware and the higher price was forgotten. This company obviously is not a manufacturer for machinery but is well experienced in making drums. For me was clear, it must be this drumkit and nothing else. I made this decision about twenty years ago, but I never got any doubt about it. My Ludwig is for me like their Steinway for piano players or their Stradivari for violin players.

There is one constraint with respect to the snare. The body of the Ludwig snare and the movement for the snare wires was so bad and simple, there was no fun with this. But metall bodies can be made by others too. So I replaced the Ludwig snare by a snare from Pearl, changed the heads and sold the Ludwig one. Now I'm also absolutely satisfied with my snare.

Beginners often don't care so much about the cymbals. They take any set, which is recomended by the shopman by the oppinion, much pieces are more important than much sound. I'm too played for a long time on such deep drawn sheet metal. There was no money for better ones. But I got not much fun playing on this plates. My hint for beginners, a good set of cymbals costs about the same like a good set of drums. Therefore save a little bit money selecting the drumkit and spend it for the cymbals.

Premium cymbals are handmade individual items. Normaly you don't get them as a set. You have to search for them piece by piece. The selection at least depends on individual taste and personage of the drummer. Drums can be trimmed according to the drummers taste, cymbals are as they are. You have to search and to assemble your set piece by piece according to your drumming style and taste. Normaly you will not find your perfect selection at one shop. You have to visite time by time different shops and to look, what is available there. Only when you are absolutely convinced, that piece is what you like, buy it. It is not necessary, that all pieces are made by the same manufacturer. Not the brand but the sound defines a good cymbal. To find your perfect set of cymbals may last a couple of years.

Now I'm very satisfied with my ride cymbal (20" Paiste) and my crash cymbal (18,5" Sabian). Both cymbals provide a very long sustaining base tone, a very differenciated response, a bright ping and a broad spectrum of sounds. Additional both cymbals harmonize each other absolutely perfect. This two cymbals offer such a broad range of expressions that I don't miss any further pieces. I own an additional simple crash cymbal, but it is used very seldom. For a long time I used HiHat cymbals from "Tosco", a cymbal set of a good standard quality and sound. But I was allways missing the special sound experience. I was looking for cymbals, which fulfill my idea of perfect lively harmonic HiHat sound, for many years. I visited big music shops all over Germany to listen the cymbals beeing present there. But I could not find the cymbals I was looking for. So at least I decided to take cymbals from "Zildjian", which allready come very close to my idea of a perfect HiHat sound.

And a remark regarding the pedal. Many years I was using the "Speed King" single pedal from "Ludwig", a solid and fine pedal in deed. But recently I decided to switch over to the double pedal "DW5000". This pedal is very accurate to play. It gives me new technical potential which can not be achieved with a single pedal. I'm very satisfied.

My Ludwig "Rockers" power edition of 7 pieces (2006)

my Ludwig 2006

Additional extensions (2017)

my Ludwig 2017

my Ludwig 2017

Equipped since 2017

base drum 16 x 22"
floor tom 16 x 16"
power rack tom 13 x 14"
rack tom 12 x 13"
rack tom 11 x 12"
rack tom 9 x 10"
snare 6 x 14"
ride cymbal ( Paiste ) 20"
crash cymbal ( Sabian ) 18,5"
crash cymbal ( n.n. ) 18,5"
splash cymbal thick ( Tosco ) 14"
splash cymbal thin ( Tosco ) 14"
hihat cymbals ( Zildjian Mastersound ) 14"
Cow Bell ( Meinl )

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